ManiMonday: I’m Back

Missed me? I must be honest, I didn’t expect this trip to take sooo much out of me! but then my mama reminded me that I have quite a few things going on right now so being tired is definitely a possibility and the level of relaxation from the vacation was real and made it very difficult to get back in the grind of things but I’m back!!!

So about the vacation! it was GREAT! We took a cruise to Mexico and again it was GREAT!
20140414-082216.jpgI was super excited about this vacation and wanted to have a little fun with my nails!

20140413-193701.jpgDo you see the flower inside the gel? – OMG I loved it. I’ve been impressed with this particular nail technician for a couple of months and could not wait until I could make an appt to see her. NOW, here’s the thing: This was strictly just for the vacation! I soon realized that I have grown accustomed to shorter nails and being able to change my polish at my own discretion. So as you may have figured, I have since taken those nails off lol.

A couple of time actually…


“Fifth Ave” by Essie

I was pretty satisfied with my color selection until I went to Urban Outfitters over the weekend and found these great colors:


“Lux” by Marc Jacobs

Clearly, the spring time brings out all bright, neon colors. So after much deliberation and consideration, I decided on this color for today’s ManiMonday:


L to R: “Love Letter”; “Ringo”; “Westside”; “White Toast” — All from Urban Outfitters

Nailed It or nah?


“Ringo” by Urban Outfitters

N(Polish)OTD: Deborah Lippmann “80′s Rewind”

So I’m still trying to get my bearings – jet lag is a mother! But being an 80s baby and lover of all things neon, I had to share this new polish out this Summer from Deborah Lippmann.


“Dont Stop Believing” (Orange); “Maniac” (Purple); “She Drives Me Crazy” (Teal); “Video Killed the Radio Star” (Blue); “Walking on Sunshine” (Yellow); “Whip It” (Pink)

If you don’t start singing while reading the names of the polishes, you are not an 80s baby!

Nailed It or Nah??

I’m Back – Pre-Vacation Post


I know, I know – I’ve been gone for a min but I promise it was for good reason!


I am fresh off the boat that lead me to one of the most beautiful places I have ever been… MEXICO!!! I spent the past couple of days sunbathing, eating, and having the time of my life with my family!!!


I have soo much to share and wait until you see the INFAMOUS VACATION NAILS!!!!

I just landed in Florida so I still have a ways to go before I make it back to Jersey but just wanted to make sure you guys knew you were top of mind!!!

Stay Tuned!!!

Sunday Spill: KEEP CALM

I know, I know… It’s been a couple of days… And I know that earlier this year, I promised to make time each day to post even if it was just a sentence or two… BUT life happens.

Honestly last week was a bit of a blur to me but that’s probably because I got sick randomly and I just wanted to make it to this week… VACATION WEEK!!! I’ve taken some time here or there to get things done but I was definitely do for a true mental health day and since we are headed to MEXICO – I know there’s true relaxation in my immediate future.

For the past couple of days, I have been trying to figure out what I would do with my nails for this vacation. Because of the amount of time I plan to spend on the beach and in the pool, I know for sure that regular nail polish wouldn’t last past the first trip to the pool so then I thought about gel polish. But that has a tendency to lift around the edges of the nail and potentially chip as well. So then the only logical explanation would be tips/extensions BUT does that mean I need to go back to maintaining nails again at an actual salon? What will I do when I get bored?? What happens to my nail polish collection – will it be forced to grow dust due to neglect? Am I really ready for that responsibility again?

Do you ever have that moment when you are worrying and obsessing over something that feels really important but is so ridiculous in nature. Yea well that happened to me. Don’t get me wrong I love nails and nail polish but make not mistake, it’s not what life is about! I am about to have a great time in another country with people that I love. I come home EVERYDAY to a house full of people that love me and that I love uncontrollably. I have a career in something I love and best of all, I am ALIVE! So what if my nails are chipped or if I have to soak off gel polish or if I have to decide between neon orange or neon pink for my pedicure? I have a great life and that’s what really matters to me!

N(Polish)OTD: NailSnaps

As discussed in previous posts, I am a huge fan of nail wraps. If applied correctly and if you use the right brands, they really last long and help those who have not mastered hand-painted nail art. I came across this article on my Twitter feed that talked about NailSnaps. According to Kickstarter, NailSnaps lets you turn your photos into one-of-a-kind nail polish stickers you can apply yourself in minutes for custom, wearable art.

ImageHow this works:

1. DESIGN. The FREE NailSnaps mobile app lets you design exactly how you want your photo or image to appear on your nails. Create an image that spans across your nails, or pick and choose different parts of an image for each finger.

2. PRINT. Once you’ve got a design you love, we print and ship your high-quality nail polish stickers right to your door from our manufacturing facility in Los Angeles.

 3. ROCK. Easily apply NailSnaps yourself in minutes. No dry time, no heat, and no waiting. Rock your NailSnaps. Your custom NailSnaps will last about a week or so and application is as easy as placing a sticker and filing off the edges.

ImageMy ONLY problem with this right now is that it seems like they will only send you five stickers for each hand. YES I KNOW WE ONLY HAVE FIVE FINGERS but not everyone has the same size finger so what if all five don’t fit on your fingers. BUT then again if you are like me where you only use nail wraps/stickers for accent nails then you should be totally fine!

If you like this idea, head over to Kickstarter and help make this come to life – they are about 10K short of their goal.

ManiMonday: Inspired by Audrey Hepburn

I am a huge fan of movies like My Fair Lady & Breakfast at Tiffany’s – the fashion alone is enough to keep my interest. But Audrey Hepburn is the epitome of a lady.

ImageAnd while in most of her pics she is wearing gloves, I’m convinced that it’s because she had on the perfect shade of red nail polish like:


Chanel “Pirate”

I leave you with this, from Ms. Hepburn, herself: